About CourseMonkey.com

About CourseMonkey...

CourseMonkey.com is just like any other learning portal BUT designed in unique way to offer different combinations learning options for same course. CourseMonkey is managed by veterans of Training industry with rich experience in this field.

We understand it can be difficult and some times frustrating to find the right course with the right training provider. With so many learning options are available, and just as many providers to choose from, the process can often seem overwhelming.

We make your goal achievable

Rather than visiting countless websites to try and find the right course for you, Coursemonkey.com allows you to browse and compare with thousands of courses and multiple learning options from a range of India’s best training institutes and Trainers.

You can easily search courses by subject, trainer and Learning method. Or, if you’re not sure where to start, simply browse our full collection to find the course that’s right for you.

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