Advanced Excel Online Training by Manjula Karthik


With Excel's advanced capabilities, you'll be able to better organise your information , make calculations as needed, and arrange the information so it can be properly evaluated and converted to graphs or charts for better viewing.

The functions are structured to make the broad data pool easy to look up and format, while the advanced excel formula is applied to extract new knowledge from a given collection of data.

The advanced level user now blends basic, intermediate, professional, and advanced level to produce personalised spreadsheet applications, almost constantly. The advanced level is an eight 'or nine, on a scale of one to ten. Excel 's information and usage never looks like Finish.

Training Outcome
  • Course Complete Certificate

  • Basic Computer Knowledge


  • 10 Lessons
  • 18:00:00 Hours
  • Introduction Advanced Excel Concepts, Working with Simple Formulas, Using Excel Lists, Data Forms, Perform a Simple Sort, UNDERSTANDING LOGICAL FORMULAS: IF, NESTED IF, COMPLEX IF’S FUNCTIONS, Working with Basic Key shortcuts.02:00:00
  • Finding Records Using Criteria(Apply Data Table, Conditional Formatting) Advanced Conditional Formatting, Financial Formulas : Rate, PMT , FV & PV02:00:00
  • DATA VALIDATION: TRACKING DATA, DYNAMIC DROP DOWN LIST, FIND INVALIDS DATA & other Data Tools. Scenario Manager: Working with Different Groups & Goal Seek with Criteria Consolidate Data Using Single Workbook & Multiple Workbooks01:00:00
  • Lookup Formulas: Vlookup, Hlookup, Vlookup data with Multiple Criteria, Lookup formulas using find and match functions.02:00:00
  • Data Analysis : Data Tables , Pivot Tables , Column & Line Chart, Stacked column chart, Waterfall chart, Spark line charts & Data Analysis using Pivot, Chart & Slicer, Change Original Data Source, Pivot table Filter wise.02:00:00
  • Working with Templates : Payroll , Pivot Template, Employee tracking Attendance, Individual Budgets ,GST Invoice Format, Tracking Inventory Templates, Company Balance Sheet02:00:00
  • File save Formats, Import / Export Data from various Applications, Print Layouts & Themes, Set Print Area, Types of Views, Grid Lines Works, Protect Sheet & Workbook, Sub Total , Advanced Filters using multiple criteria02:00:00
  • Database Formula: Sum IF , Sum IFS, Count IFS, DMAX , DSUM , DAVG02:00:00
  • Date Formula: Text, Networkdays, Weekday, DatedIF, Time, Days360, Edate, Workday & other Date related formulas.01:00:00
  • Excel Macros, Solver , Working with Data Analysis Using All Data Tools & Charts , Excel Tricks02:00:00

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