Advanced Excel Online Training by Swati Saxena


Advanced Excel refers to Microsoft Excel tool features and functions that help the user perform complicated and large calculations, data processing on the enormous amount of data, data interpretation, better data representation, and so on.

Difference of Excel and Advanced Excel : Users who are well versed in basic Excel operations such as sheet creation, data analysis, basic mathematical operations, text formatting, graphs , charts, analysis, tables and charts etc. Compared to a typical Excel user, advanced users are more experienced in managing massive data sets.

Creating, managing, and formatting pivot table and pivot charts. Use the mathematical functions on Excel. Create and write intricate formulae. ... Work with the functions to manipulate text and data strings. Creating and operating macros.

Training Outcome
  • Course Complete Certificate

  • Any One Learn
  • Basic Computer Knowledge


  • 9 Lessons
  • 07:00:00 Hours
  • Basic Formatting , Changing Sheet properties, conditional formatting, Advance sort, Filter Data01:00:00
  • Insert / Delete rows / columns / sheets , Chart , pivot table, Linking Sheets , printing desired area, Alignment01:00:00
  • Protection : complete sheets , particular area , workbook, Fill Series , Aggregate Formulas01:00:00
  • Text Formulas , Date and Time Formulas00:30:00
  • Logical Formulas00:30:00
  • Math and trigonometric Formulas , VLookup, Index – Match Formulas01:00:00
  • Formula Auditing , Define Names00:30:00
  • Data Tools , Get External Data00:30:00
  • Group , ungroup rows / columns , Review , Nested Formulas01:00:00

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