ANSIBLE with Automation Online Training by Sudha Raga


Automation with Ansible is designed for Linux system administrators and developers who need to automate provisioning, configuration, application deployment, and orchestration. You will learn how to install and configure Ansible on a management workstation and prepare managed hosts for automation.

This course is based on Ansible automation. Incorporating IT automation is key to managing large numbers of systems and applications efficiently and consistently at scale. In this course, you will write Ansible playbooks to automate tasks, and you will run them to ensure servers are correctly deployed and configured. You will also explore examples of how to approach the automation of common Linux system administration tasks.

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Training Outcome
  • Course Completion Certificate

  • one-to-one Training

  • Practical Knowledge in Ansible

  • Basic Degree
  • Computer Knowledge
  • Basic Understanding of Automation


  • 20 Lessons
  • 22:00:00 Hours
  • Overview of Ansible01:00:00
  • Building an Ansible Inventory & Managing Ansible Configuration Files01:00:00
  • Deploying Ansible - Running Ad Hoc Commands01:00:00
  • Managing Dynamic Inventories00:00:00
  • Implementing Playbooks02:00:00
  • Managing Variables01:00:00
  • Managing Facts01:00:00
  • Managing Inclusions01:00:00
  • Constructing Flow Control01:00:00
  • Implementing Handlers01:00:00
  • Implementing Tags & Handling Errors01:00:00
  • Implementing Jinja2 Templates01:00:00
  • Describing Role Structure01:00:00
  • Creating Roles01:00:00
  • Deploying Roles with Ansible Galaxy01:00:00
  • OPTIMIZING Ansible03:00:00
  • Configuring Ansible Vault01:00:00
  • Executing with Ansible Vault01:00:00
  • Troubleshooting ANSIBLE01:00:00
  • Q & A Session01:00:00

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