ASP.Net MVC Online Training by Akhil Mishra


The ASP.NET MVC is a Microsoft-developed, discontinued web application architecture that implements model – view – controller (MVC) design. It is open-source software, apart from the proprietary ASP.NET Web Forms component.

A user triggers the controller in an ASP.NET MVC project, then the controller reads and manipulates the requests, requests the data model, gets the data and then changes the view to be sent back to the client. Snapshot of MVC design.

ASP.NET MVC allows you to use features such as authentication and Windows authentication methods, authorization of URLs, membership and roles, caching of performance and data, state management of session and profile, health monitoring, configuration framework and provider architecture.

Training Outcome
  • Course Complete Certificate

  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Engineering


  • 80 Lessons
  • 25:00:00 Hours
  • Installing ASP.NET MVC00:10:00
  • What ASP.NET version is my MVC application using00:30:00
  • Creating your first ASP.NET MVC Application00:30:00
  • Controllers in an MVC application00:30:00
  • Views in an MVC application00:15:00
  • View Data and View Bag in MVC00:30:00
  • Models in an MVC application00:15:00
  • Data access in MVC using entity framework00:15:00
  • Generate hyperlinks using action link HTML helper00:15:00
  • Working with multiple tables in MVC00:15:00
  • Using business objects as model in MVC00:30:00
  • Creating a view to insert data00:30:00
  • Form Collection in MVC00:15:00
  • Mapping ASP.NET request data to controller action simple parameter types00:15:00
  • Update model function in MVC00:15:00
  • Difference between update model and try update model00:15:00
  • Editing a model in MVC00:15:00
  • Updating data in MVC00:15:00
  • Unintended updates in MVC00:15:00
  • Preventing unintended updates00:15:00
  • Including and excluding properties from model binding using bind attribute00:15:00
  • Including and excluding properties from model binding using interfaces00:15:00
  • Why deleting database records using get request is bad00:30:00
  • Deleting database records using post request in MVC00:15:00
  • Insert update delete in MVC using entity framework00:30:00
  • Customizing the auto-generated index view00:15:00
  • Customizing the auto generated create view00:30:00
  • Customizing the auto generated edit view00:30:00
  • Using data transfer object as the model in MVC00:15:00
  • How does a controller find a view00:15:00
  • HTML helpers in MVC00:15:00
  • Generating a drop down list control in MVC using HTML helpers00:30:00
  • How to set an item selected when drop down list is loaded00:30:00
  • Difference between HTML.TextBox and HTML.TextBoxFor00:30:00
  • Generating a radio button list control in MVC using HTML helpers00:30:00
  • Check Box List in ASP.NET MVC00:10:00
  • List Box in ASP.NET MVC00:15:00
  • Using display name, display format, scaffold column attributes in MVC00:30:00
  • Using datatype & display column attributes00:15:00
  • Opening a page in new browser window00:30:00
  • Hidden input and read only attributes in MVC00:30:00
  • Display and edit templated helpers 00:10:00
  • Displaying images in ASP.NET MVC00:10:00
  • Custom html helpers in mvc00:10:00
  • HTML encoding in MVC00:30:00
  • Detect errors in views at compile time00:30:00
  • Advantages of using strongly typed views00:15:00
  • Partial views00:10:00
  • Difference between HTML.partial and HTML.render partial 00:30:00
  • What is cross site scripting attack 00:15:00
  • Layout view in MVC00:10:00
  • View Start in ASP.NET MVC00:10:00
  • Deleting multiple rows00:30:00
  • Check uncheck all check boxes with another single checkbox using Jquery00:30:00
  • Action selectors in MVC00:10:00
  • What is the use of Non-Action attribute in MVC00:30:00
  • Action filters in MVC00:15:00
  • Authorize and Allow Anonymous action filters00:30:00
  • Child Action Only attribute in MVC00:15:00
  • Handle Error attribute00:30:00
  • Output Cache attribute00:15:00
  • Require Https attribute00:10:00
  • Validate Input attribute00:10:00
  • Custom action filters00:10:00
  • Different types of Action Result in ASP.NET MVC00:15:00
  • Areas00:10:00
  • String Length attribute00:30:00
  • Range attribute00:10:00
  • Creating custom validation attribute00:10:00
  • Regular Expression attribute00:10:00
  • Compare attribute00:10:00
  • Enable client side validation in ASP.NET MVC00:10:00
  • Validation Summary00:10:00
  • What is Unobtrusive JavaScript00:10:00
  • Unobtrusive validation in ASP.NET MVC00:10:00
  • Remote validation in MVC when JavaScript is disabled 00:30:00
  • Ajax with ASP.NET MVC00:10:00
  • What is Ajax and why should we use it 00:10:00
  • Implement autocomplete textbox functionality in MVC00:30:00
  • What is JavaScript minification 00:10:00

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