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C++ is an object-oriented, general purpose programming language developed by Bell Labs' Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979. Originally called 'C with classes,' C++ was developed as an extension of the language C. Its name is representative of its origins.

Uses of C++ enable procedural programming and hardware control for intensive CPU functions, and this language is very fast because it is widely used in the development of different games or in gaming engines. C++ used primarily in the development of game tool suites.

Turbo C / C++ is the newest and newest IDE for both C and C++ http:/programming. Borland developed it in 2008. Now comes new C++ builder known as Rapid Application Creation (RAD). Notepad++ is a popular freely available source code editor that is commonly used by programmers.

Training Outcome
  • Course completion certificate

  • Live one to one classes

  • Basic Computer Knowledge


  • 41 Lessons
  • 24:00:00 Hours
  • C++ program01:00:00
  • oops features & Sample program01:00:00
  • Syntax of c++ program01:00:00
  • How C++ differ from C00:30:00
  • Function overloading00:30:00
  • Reference variable00:30:00
  • Operator Overloading00:30:00
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation01:00:00
  • Introduction to classes & Objects00:30:00
  • Creation & Destruction of Objects00:30:00
  • Data Member00:30:00
  • Member Functions00:30:00
  • Pointer00:30:00
  • Constructor & Destructor00:30:00
  • Friend Class and Functions01:00:00
  • Introduction00:30:00
  • Access Specifier00:30:00
  • Base and Derived Class00:30:00
  • Constructors and Copy Constructor01:00:00
  • Static class member00:30:00
  • Types of Inheritance00:30:00
  • Function Overriding00:15:00
  • Virtual Functions00:15:00
  • Introduction00:30:00
  • Pure Virtual Functions00:30:00
  • Virtual Base Class01:00:00
  • File stream00:30:00
  • Text File and Binary File Handling00:30:00
  • Error handling during File operations00:30:00
  • Overloading and Operators00:30:00
  • Introduction to Exception00:30:00
  • Try and Catch Block00:30:00
  • Throw statement00:30:00
  • Predefined Exception in C++00:30:00
  • Introduction to Templates00:30:00
  • Function Templates00:30:00
  • Class Templates01:00:00
  • Standard Streams00:30:00
  • Manipulators00:30:00
  • Unformatted Input and Output00:30:00
  • File Input & Output00:30:00

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