C++ (OOAD, Design Patterns, Data Structures in depth) Online Training by Phani Krishna


C++ is a programming language of high quality developed at Bell Labs by Bjarne Stroustrup. C++ applies object oriented programming to its ancestor, C. C++ is one of the most popular programming languages for graphical applications , for instance those running in Windows and Macintosh.

Practice programming for C + +. C++ is a popular programming language for general use. It can be used for the development of operating systems, browsers, games, etc. C++ supports various modes of programming, such as procedural, object-oriented, functional, etc. C++ is the language used everywhere but mostly in programming systems and embedded systems. Here device programming implies the creation of the hardware-interfacing operating systems or drivers. Embedded system means automotive stuff, robotics, and appliances.

Training Outcome
  • Become a software developer

  • Any Computer science Degree


  • 55 Lessons
  • 20:10:00 Hours
  • What is Object Oriented Programming00:22:00
  • Why is it required00:22:00
  • Real Time scenarios where OOPS scores over other program paradigms00:22:00
  • Introduction to different concepts of OOPS like abstraction, encapsulation, modularity, inheritance, polymorphism with real time coding examples00:22:00
  • Declarations00:22:00
  • Function Prototypes00:22:00
  • Typecasting in detail00:22:00
  • Pointers and References00:22:00
  • Functions00:22:00
  • Const Qualifier00:22:00
  • Function OverLoading00:22:00
  • Operator Overloading00:22:00
  • Inline , static, virtual and friend functions00:22:00
  • Classes and Constructors00:22:00
  • this pointer00:22:00
  • New and delete operators00:22:00
  • New and delete operators00:22:00
  • Objects and memory allocations00:22:00
  • Overloading new and delete00:22:00
  • Static functions and members00:22:00
  • Data Conversions between objects of different types00:22:00
  • Inheritance and it’s levels in detail00:22:00
  • Real time example on how Inheritance is used in creating class libraries00:22:00
  • Special focus on Protected keyword and access specification00:22:00
  • Polymorphism and Virtual Functions in depth coverage00:22:00
  • Realtime problems solved using Virtual Functions00:22:00
  • RTTI00:22:00
  • Friend functions00:22:00
  • Smart Pointers00:22:00
  • Creating our own smart pointers00:22:00
  • Unique ptr00:22:00
  • Shared ptr00:22:00
  • Weakptr00:22:00
  • Cyclic References and dependency00:22:00
  • RAII00:22:00
  • Move Semantics00:22:00
  • Creating our own Exception Handlers00:22:00
  • Functors and STL00:22:00
  • Stacks00:22:00
  • Queues00:22:00
  • Linked Lists00:22:00
  • Trees00:22:00
  • Arrays00:22:00
  • Strings00:22:00
  • Complete coding hands on for all the above data structures00:22:00
  • What are Design Patterns00:22:00
  • Why we need them00:22:00
  • Where do come in SDLC00:22:00
  • Singletons00:22:00
  • Factory00:22:00
  • Abstarct Factory00:22:00
  • State Design Pattern and its link with Objects state00:22:00
  • Façade 00:22:00
  • Observer00:22:00
  • Object Pool Design Pattern00:22:00

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