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The C programming language is a computer programming language that has been built for the UNIX operating system to do machine programming, and is an imperative programming language. ... It is a language of procedure which means people can write their programs as a series of step-by - step instructions.

C language is used extensively in embedded systems. It is used for application development of framework. It is widely used for desktop application development. Most of Adobe's applications are built using the programming language 'C.'

Training Outcome
  • Course Complete Certificate

  • Basic Computer Knowledge


  • 25 Lessons
  • 19:30:00 Hours
  • Algorithm / Pseudo Code, Flowchart, Program Development Steps, Structure of C Program, A Simple C program, Identifiers, Basic Data Types and Sizes, Constants01:00:00
  • Variables, Arithmetic, Relational and Logical Operators, Increment and Decrement Operators, Conditional Operator, Bit-wise Operator,00:30:00
  • Assignment operators, Expressions, Type conversions, Conditional Expressions, Precedence and Order of Evaluation.00:30:00
  • Statements and Blocks, If and Switch Statements, Loops- While01:00:00
  • Do-while and For Statements, Break, Continue01:00:00
  • Goto and Labels, Programming Examples01:00:00
  • Designing structured programs, Functions, Basics, Parameter Passing00:30:00
  • Storage Classes- Extern, Auto, Register, Static, Scope Rules00:30:00
  • Block Structure, User Defined Functions, Standard Library Functions00:30:00
  • Recursive Functions, Header Files, C Pre-Processor, Example C Programs00:30:00
  • Arrays- Concepts, Declaration, Definition, Accessing Elements, Storing Elements00:30:00
  • Arrays and Functions, Two-Dimensional and Multi-Dimensional Arrays00:30:00
  • Applications of Arrays, Pointers Concepts, Initialization of Pointer Variables00:30:00
  • Pointers and Function Arguments, Address Arithmetic, Character Pointers and Functions00:30:00
  • Pointers to Pointers, Pointers and Multidimensional Arrays00:30:00
  • Dynamic Memory Managements Functions, Command line arguments, C program examples00:30:00
  • Derived types- Structures Declaration, Definition and Initialization of Structures00:30:00
  • Accessing Structures, Nested Structures, Arrays of Structures00:30:00
  • Structures and Functions, Pointers to Structures, Self Referential Structures00:30:00
  • Input and Output - Concept of a File, Text Files and Binary Files, Streams00:30:00
  • Standard I/O, Formatted I/O, File I/O Operations, Error Handling, C Program examples00:30:00
  • Interview Questions in C asked by MNC's02:00:00
  • GATE Questions in C02:00:00
  • Two Projects implemented in C02:00:00
  • Doubts Solving Session01:00:00

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