TRAINER NOT AVAILABLE (CORE JAVA Online Training by Argha Banerjee)


Core Java "is the term used by Sun to refer to Java SE, the standard version and a range of similar technologies, such as the Java VM, CORBA, etc. ... Core Java is the concept used by Oracle and refers to the subset of Java SE technologies. 

Core Java covers basic concepts and Java programming language related topics. That includes data types, handling of exceptions, operators, and threading. Advanced Java, on the other hand, entails complex problems and definitions involving non-Java technologies.

Java is used for applet and application development, Core Java is primarily used to design application software for both desktop and server environments. Core Java is the most basic and purest form of Java which lays the foundation for other programming language editions

Training Outcome
  • Course Complete Certificate

  • Knowledge in Programming


  • 35 Lessons
  • 24:00:00 Hours
  • Object-Oriented Paradigm00:30:00
  • Basic Concepts of OOPs00:30:00
  • Java Features 00:30:00
  • (a) Dev environment set up (b) Programming Example00:30:00
  • Basics of Class & Objects00:30:00
  • Definition of the Constructor00:30:00
  • This, static Keywords00:30:00
  • Instance Variable, Class Variable00:30:00
  • Usage of Final Keyword00:30:00
  • Programming Example00:30:00
  • Polymorphism- Method Overloading01:00:00
  • Inheritance01:00:00
  • Method Overloading and Over Riding01:00:00
  • Dynamic Method Dispatch01:00:00
  • Abstract Class01:00:00
  • Interfaces: Multiple Inheritance01:00:00
  • Java Packages & Access specifiers00:30:00
  • Programming Example00:30:00
  • Basics of Arrays, String, String Buffer/Builder & Wrapper Classes01:00:00
  • Thread Definition00:30:00
  • Life Cycle of a thread00:30:00
  • Thread class and Runnable interface00:30:00
  • Inter-thread Communication00:30:00
  • Synchronization- locking01:00:00
  • Types of Errors and Exceptions00:30:00
  • Syntax of Exception Handling Code by using try and catch block01:00:00
  • Finally Statement00:30:00
  • (a) List (b) Set (c) Map (d) Tree01:00:00
  • Iterator00:30:00
  • Synchronized Collection vs Concurrent Collection01:00:00
  • Searching & Sorting00:30:00
  • Callable00:30:00
  • Future Task00:30:00
  • ThreadPool Executor, Executor Service01:00:00
  • Interview01:00:00

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