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Core Java refers to a library set, rather than just the language of programming. It's the purest form of Java used mainly for general desktop application development. Simply put, it refers to the subset of Java SE technologies which consists of both APIs for general purpose and APIs for special purpose.

Java is everywhere, from mobile devices to web sites, game consoles to data-centers, from cell phones to the Internet. Worldwide, millions of computers use Java as their main programming language.

A Java Architect is responsible for designing, creating and running the software based on Java. Since Java is so commonly used, particularly by large organisations, the daily roles vary widely but may include owning a particular application or working on several at one time

Training Outcome
  • Course Complete Certificate

  • Basic Computer Knowledge


  • 21 Lessons
  • 46:00:00 Hours
  • Basic Concepts of Programming & OOPS concepts, Download &Install Eclipse , JDK ,JRE &JVM , Java Introduction , Variables, Data Types, Program Syntax , JAVA First Program, Debug & Run JAVA Program, Basic Operators04:00:00
  • Decision Making: IF , IF Else, Nested IF, Switch02:00:00
  • Looping: FOR , While, Do-While and Jumping: Break & Continue01:00:00
  • ARRAY Intro, Declare & Initialize Array Elements, Single & Multi-Dimensional Array02:00:00
  • Array Sort Elements, Search Index, Insert , Delete, Elements, alphabets sorts02:00:00
  • String Manipulation, Compare to, Length of String, Convert Upper & Lower case, String replace, reverse concatenate, string convert05:00:00
  • Understanding Function concepts, Call by Reference, Call by Value, Function recursion04:00:00
  • Understanding Class, Access Modifiers ,Object declaration &initialization , Life cycle of Objects02:00:00
  • Understanding Inheritance concepts, Single Inheritance, Multilevel Inheritance02:00:00
  • Multiple inheritance, Hybrid Inheritance, Heretical Inheritance02:00:00
  • Learning Constructor, Types of Constructor02:00:00
  • Parameterized constructor, Default constructor01:00:00
  • Instance , Static, Local ,Method Overloading 01:00:00
  • Method Overriding , Polymorphism01:00:00
  • S Understand Packages, lang Package, I/O Package, util Package, Import packages02:00:00
  • Try , Catch , Finally block, Throw and Throws Keywords03:00:00
  • Multi-threading, Super & Final Keyword01:00:00
  • Creating Wrapper class Objects, Convert primitive data types to objects vice versa04:00:00
  • Applet Basics, Applet Life Cycle02:00:00
  • Event handling01:00:00
  • Abstract & Interface Keyword02:00:00

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