DJANGO Online Training by Reshma Nanadikar


Django is a Python Web high-level framework that fosters rapid development and clean, pragmatic architecture. Built by seasoned developers, it takes care of much of the web development hassle, so you can focus on writing your app without reinventing the wheel.

None of that either. Django is not a language but a structure. Python is a language written in by Django. Django is a collection of Python libs that allows you to create a quality Web application quickly and efficiently, and is suitable for both frontend and backend.

Training Outcome
  • Course Complete Certificate

  • Basic Computer Skills


  • 17 Lessons
  • 26:00:00 Hours
  • Web Development01:00:00
  • Django01:00:00
  • Django Installation01:00:00
  • Development of First Web Application01:00:00
  • Django Templates01:00:00
  • Static Files01:00:00
  • Models01:00:00
  • Databases01:00:00
  • Django Forms02:00:00
  • Django Model Forms02:00:00
  • Advanced Template Features02:00:00
  • Session management03:00:00
  • User Authentication01:00:00
  • User Authorization01:00:00
  • CRUD operations02:00:00
  • Deployment of Our Application in the Live Environment02:00:00
  • Exercise and examples for each module03:00:00

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