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Embedded C in a language other than C, but with little consideration it is C. You don't need to take care of memory constraints, data form, etc. for embedded goal as though you are writing C code for machine. Secondly, you have to use the features of micro controller / microprocessor directly with embedded C. Embedded C includes fixed-point types, multiple memory areas, and I / O mapping of registers where microcontrollers or microprocessors are needed.

When you consider the Indian job market, embedded systems are exponentially increasing. In recent years, there are several companies that have come up and then there are major names like Sandisk, Qualcomm, Robert Bosch and Siemens. Over the past few years, service-based companies such as Larsen & Toubro, TCS and Accenture have joined the field of embedded systems.

Our trainer is graduated from BITS Pilani. He can guide by covering the the essentials topics under Embedded C.

Training Outcome
  • Course completion certificate

  • Live one to one classes

  • Better job prospects

  • Basic Programming Knowledge
  • Knowledge in C programming


  • 46 Lessons
  • 20:00:00 Hours
  • What is programming Language00:15:00
  • Number System: Decimal to Binary and vice-versa00:15:00
  • ‘Hello World' Program00:15:00
  • Compile and Run the Program00:15:00
  • Data types in in C01:00:00
  • Different types of Data types in C00:06:00
  • Size And Memory Representation of each data types00:06:00
  • Format Specifier00:06:00
  • printf and scanf usage00:06:00
  • Programming example00:06:00
  • Bit-wise Operator00:30:00
  • Arithmetic and Logical Operator00:30:00
  • Programming Example00:30:00
  • Interview Question Discussion01:00:00
  • if...else ladder00:20:00
  • while and for loop00:20:00
  • Programming example00:20:00
  • Usage of Function00:30:00
  • Function Prototype00:30:00
  • Nested Function00:30:00
  • Recursion00:30:00
  • Library Function00:30:00
  • Programming00:30:00
  • What are Storage Classes00:15:00
  • Memory Layout of a program00:15:00
  • Programming example00:15:00
  • Interview Question Discussion00:15:00
  • Syntax of Array And structure00:30:00
  • Accessing the Member of Array And structure00:30:00
  • Structure Padding00:30:00
  • Strings00:30:00
  • 2D Array00:30:00
  • Programming Example00:15:00
  • Interview Question Programming00:15:00
  • What is Pointer00:40:00
  • Syntax of pointer00:40:00
  • Accessing a Pointer00:40:00
  • Different types of pointer00:40:00
  • Function pointer00:40:00
  • Programming Example00:40:00
  • MACRO expansion00:20:00
  • Header inclusion00:20:00
  • Conditional Compilation00:20:00
  • Operation on file00:40:00
  • Different file Function00:40:00
  • Programming Example00:40:00

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