Informatica PowerCenter Online Training by Mohamed Irfan Hussain


Informatica PowerCenter is a company extract, transform , and load (ETL) tool used in the construction of data warehouses for enterprises. ... Migration data. Warehousing data. Replication of and synchronisation of data. Centers for Competency on Integration (ICC)

Every time a job / task runs it runs via the Client connecting to the Integration software, which in turn interacts with the Repository services to get the Repository objects from the Repository Database. It uses TCP / IP to connect to the PowerCenter Repository Service and to recall metadata.

For Data integration, Informatica Powercenter is used. It provides the ability to connect & fetch data from various heterogeneous data sources and data processing. You can, for example, connect to both the SQL Server Database and Oracle Database and integrate the data into a third system

Training Outcome
  • Course Complete Certificate

  • Knowledge of PL/SQL


  • 57 Lessons
  • 29:35:00 Hours
  • Components of Workflow Manager00:15:00
  • Properties and Examples00:45:00
  • Properties and Examples00:30:00
  • Properties and Examples00:30:00
  • Components of Datawarehouse Architecture00:30:00
  • ODS, OLTP and OLAP00:45:00
  • (a) Data Mart (b) Difference between DWH and DM00:30:00
  • (a) What is Dimensional Modeling ? (b) What is Dimension ? (c) What is Fact ? (d) What is Surrogate Key ? (e) Star Schema (f) Snowflake Schema (g) Slowly Changing Dimension introduction (h) Slowly Changing Dimension01:20:00
  • (a) What is Data Integration (b) ETL Explanation (c) ELT Explanation00:45:00
  • Roles and Responsibilities of ETL Developer in real time00:30:00
  • (a) SCD Type 1 (b) SCD Type 2 (c) SCD Type 301:30:00
  • Usage of Debugger00:30:00
  • (a) Introduction to the Workflow Manager Tool (b) Workflow Properties – General Tab (c) Workflow Properties – Properties Tab (d) Workflow Properties – Scheduler Tab01:00:00
  • Usage, Properties and Examples00:30:00
  • (a) Session Overview (b) Properties Tab00:30:00
  • (a) Usage of Event Wait and Event Raise (b) Target Load Plan00:30:00
  • Timer Task and its Properties 00:30:00
  • Control Task and its Properties00:30:00
  • Email Task and its Properties00:30:00
  • Command Task and its Properties00:30:00
  • (a) Mapplet and its Usage (b) Making Changes to a Mapplet00:30:00
  • How to schedule the Workflow00:15:00
  • (a) Monitor Tool Functionality and Available Options (b) Session Log00:30:00
  • (a) Check-In (b) Check-Out00:30:00
  • How to import and export the workflow00:30:00
  • Usage, Properties and Examples00:30:00
  • Usage, Properties and Examples00:30:00
  • Usage, Properties and Examples00:15:00
  • (a) Lookup Cache Overview (b) Static Cache Explanation (c) Dynamic Cache Explanation (d) When to use Dynamic Cache 01:00:00
  • Router Vs Filter 00:15:00
  • (a) Connected Lookup Transformation (b) Unconnected Lookup Transformation01:00:00
  • Usage, Properties and Example00:30:00
  • Usage, Properties and Example00:30:00
  • Usage, Properties and Example00:30:00
  • Rank Transformation: Usage, Properties and Example00:30:00
  • Aggregator Transformation: Usage, Properties and Example00:30:00
  • Sorter Transformation: Usage, Properties and Example00:30:00
  • Cache in Informatica Power Center00:15:00
  • Cache Files00:15:00
  • Cache Naming Convention00:15:00
  • Sequence Generator: Usage, Properties and Example 00:30:00
  • Informatica Domain Architecture01:00:00
  • Router: Usage, Properties and Example00:30:00
  • Filter: Usage, Properties and Example 00:30:00
  • Parameters and Variables Introduction00:15:00
  • Mapping Parameter with Example00:30:00
  • Mapping Variable with Example00:30:00
  • Expression: Usage, Properties and Example00:30:00
  • SQ : Usage, Properties and Example00:30:00
  • Different types of Ports00:15:00
  • Power Center Native Datatypes and Data Types conversion 00:15:00
  • Transformation Overview00:15:00
  • Active Transformation00:15:00
  • Passive Transformation00:15:00
  • Connected and Unconnected Transformation00:15:00
  • Oracle 11g installation and SQL Developer configuration00:30:00
  • Informatica Power Center server and client installation00:30:00

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