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JavaScript is a dynamic programming language for computers. It is lightweight and most widely used as part of web pages, the design of which enables user-side scripts to communicate and render interactive pages. It is an interpreted, object-oriented programming language.

JavaScript is a text-based programming language that is used on both the client-side and the server-side, enabling you to create interactive web pages. Where HTML and CSS are languages that offer the web pages structure and style, JavaScript offers interactive elements for web pages that engage a user.

Training Outcome
  • Course Complete Certificate

  • Basic Computer Knowledge


  • 16 Lessons
  • 44:00:00 Hours
  • (a) What is JavaScript? (b) What Is AJAX? (c) Developer Essentials (d) The development workflow (e) Selecting the right tools for the job03:00:00
  • (a) Understanding objects (b) Understanding variables (c) Making comparisons (d) Understanding events03:00:00
  • (a) Writing your first script (b) Internal vs. external scripts (c) Using comments in scripts03:00:00
  • (a) Interacting with (b) Users Creating alert dialogs02:00:00
  • a) Getting confirmations from users (b) Creating prompts for users (c) Understanding functions01:00:00
  • (a) Using switch/case statements (b) Handling errors01:00:00
  • (a) Getting started (b) Creating loops (c) Passing values to functions (d) Detecting objects (e) Reading arrays (f)Returning values from functions02:00:00
  • (a) Building do and while loops (b) Re-using functions02:00:00
  • (a) Creating a basic image rollover (b) How to write a better rollover (c) Creating a three-state rollover (d) Making rollovers accessible and 508 compliant03:00:00
  • (a) Creating slideshows (b) Displaying random images (c) Building Smarter Forms03:00:00
  • (a) Creating jump menus (b) Creating dynamic menus (c) Requiring fields03:00:00
  • (a) Displaying more informative errors (b) Verifying radio button selections (c) Setting one field with another field (d) Verifying email addresses01:00:00
  • (a) Responding to window events (b) Responding to mouse movements (c) Responding to mouse clicks (d) Responding to on Blur form events (e) Responding to onFocus form events (f) Responding to keyboard events03:00:00
  • (a) Demystifying cookies (b) Writing a cookie (c) Reading a cookie (d) Displaying a cookie (e) Counting with cookies (f) Deleting cookies (g) Handling multiple cookies05:00:00
  • (a) The DOM, Nodes, and Objects (b) Understanding the DOM (c) Adding nodes to the DOM (d) Deleting nodes from the DOM (e) Deleting specific nodes (f) Inserting nodes into the DOM (g) Replacing nodes in the DOM04:00:00
  • (a) Displaying dates (b) Displaying times (c) Creating a countdown (d) Real-World Applications of JavaScript (e) Creating sliding menus (f) Creating pop-up menus (g) Creating slideshows with captions (h) Creating a style sheet switcher 05:00:00

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