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Manual Testing is the method of manually checking malfunction applications. It requires a tester to play the end user role, using most of the features of the application to ensure proper behavior.

Manual Testing is a type of software testing where Testers perform test cases manually, without any automation tools. Manual testing is the most primitive of all types of testing, and helps to find software system bugs. Every new application has to be tested manually before its test can be automated.

Manual testing is the process by which the software is manually tested to identify the software product bug, problems and defects. A software tester 's aim is to break system and understand system response to different scenarios.

Training Outcome
  • Course Complete Certificate

  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science


  • 25 Lessons
  • 19:00:00 Hours
  • Why testing?00:30:00
  • Software testing with its types00:30:00
  • Categories of Industry necessity of Testing00:30:00
  • (a) Roles of testers (b) Software Development lifecycle With Models00:30:00
  • White Box Testing00:20:00
  • Grey Box Testing00:20:00
  • Black Box Testing00:20:00
  • Functional Testing01:00:00
  • Integration Testing01:00:00
  • System Testing01:00:00
  • Smoke Testing01:00:00
  • Performance Testing01:00:00
  • Ad-hoc testing01:00:00
  • Compatibility Testing 01:00:00
  • Alpha Testing01:00:00
  • Beta Testing01:00:00
  • Exploratory Testing01:00:00
  • Analysis of test case template00:30:00
  • Analysis of Test Case Design Technique01:00:00
  • Understanding of Test Coverage00:30:00
  • Test plan and Test Strategy00:30:00
  • Severity and Priority00:30:00
  • Defect/Bug Life Cycle01:00:00
  • Software Testing Life Cycle01:00:00
  • Agile Methodology01:00:00

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