MS OFFICE Online Training by Manjula Karthik (English & Tamil)


Microsoft Office, or simply Office, is a family of Microsoft-developed client software, server software and services. ... The first edition of Office included Microsoft Word , Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint, originally a marketing concept for an office suite (bundled collection of productivity applications).

Microsoft Office is a collection of applications relating to the office. Every application serves a unique function, and provides its users with a specific service. Microsoft Word for example is used to create documents. Presentations are created using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Microsoft makes you work faster, and you can be more successful. For example , Microsoft Excel does not only allow you to enter and measure data quickly; it also has advanced analytical tools to help you discover trends and make sound financial decisions.

Training Outcome
  • Course Complete Certificate

  • Any One Learn


  • 20 Lessons
  • 22:00:00 Hours
  • About MS Office , MS word Menu , Tabs, Quick Access Tool Bar, Why require MS Word, Create a new document. Open, Save and Print a document.01:00:00
  • Understanding All Tabs, Text Editing & Formatting, Apply ready design Style, Change background color , Text color and background color, Alignment , Apply Bullets & Numbers01:00:00
  • Working with themes, understanding all graphic icons, Hyperlink , Apply Header & Footer, Prepare Cover page, Apply Symbols, Tables edits01:00:00
  • Page setup, Page background, Paragraph setup with image, Wrap Text, Arrange Graphics & Objects01:00:00
  • Create a Table Contents, Insert Citation, Mail Merge01:00:00
  • Find Spelling Grammer, Research, Thesaurus, Word count, Track Changes, Types of View, Adjust Page size01:00:00
  • Save a File , Convert PDF, Send mail merge, Word shortcuts & tricks, Convert JPEG format01:00:00
  • Working all criteria based on requirement, Apply Filter, Format cells01:00:00
  • Working Arithmetic, Logical , Text, Date Formulas01:00:00
  • V-Lookup & H-Lookup, Subtotal , Advanced Filter01:00:00
  • Column , Line, Bar , Pie, Scatter &Spark lines01:00:00
  • Pivot table & charts, Slicer, Analysis01:00:00
  • Data Ascending , Text Columns, Remove Duplicates, Data validation, What If Analysis01:00:00
  • Understanding Margins, Orientation, Print Area, Breaks, Grid lines, Headlines, Working with Excel Shortcuts & Tricks01:00:00
  • Convert PDF , CSV, JPEG format01:00:00
  • Understanding MS Excel, Quick access Toolbar , Tabs, Grid lines, Rows & columns Create a new document. Open, save and print a, Customize worksheet, Adding number of sheets01:00:00
  • Understanding Address of cell Create a Name box for Selected Cells Fill Series, Flash Fill Basic Text simple work01:00:00
  • Understanding Slides, Working with All tabs, Create a New Slide , Layout Styles01:00:00
  • Working with Tables , Graphic, Links, Text , Background Themes, Colors01:00:00
  • Working with animate for all slides, Timings, Setup slide show, Audio & video Clippings, save file formats, Working with Shortcuts & Tricks03:00:00

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