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Microsoft Office was produced primarily with a series of purpose-built software, to automate the manual office work. -- of the Microsoft Office applications serves as unique knowledge or office domain, such as: Microsoft Word: Allows users to construct text documents.

Word is the most frequently used program in MS Office, so knowledge about how to change the font, the margins, insert or delete pages and use the built-in spell checker and grammar check should be part of a basic skill set.

There is a perpetual (desktop or standalone version) version which is a one-time purchase. Office 2019 comes in three versions (as noted above), Home and Student for Pc / Mac 2019, Home and Business for Pc / Mac 2019, and Professional for Microsoft Office 2019.

Training Outcome
  • Course Complete Certificate

  • Any One Learn


  • 36 Lessons
  • 12:00:00 Hours
  • Introduction to computers and History00:12:00
  • Input – Output Device00:12:00
  • Storage Device00:12:00
  • Hardware and Software00:12:00
  • Basics of Operating System00:12:00
  • File and Directory Management00:12:00
  • Common Utilities00:12:00
  • Notepad00:12:00
  • MS-Paint00:12:00
  • Exercise based on the topic00:12:00
  • Slide show00:10:00
  • Creating , opening and closing documents00:30:00
  • Text Manipulation and Formatting00:30:00
  • Table creating and formatting00:30:00
  • Exercise based on the topic00:30:00
  • Introduction and usage of Electronics spreadsheet00:30:00
  • Manipulation and Formatting of cells00:30:00
  • Formula and Function00:30:00
  • Chart wizard00:15:00
  • Exercise based on the topic00:15:00
  • Creation of presentation (Templates )00:30:00
  • Preparation and presentation of slides00:30:00
  • Animation and Timings00:10:00
  • Exercise based on the topic00:10:00
  • Creating Table00:30:00
  • Query and Relationship00:30:00
  • Creating Report and Form00:30:00
  • Exercise based on the topic00:30:00
  • Concept of Internet00:30:00
  • Introduction to WWW00:30:00
  • Web browsing software and search engine00:30:00
  • Understanding URL and surfing web00:12:00
  • Manage Email00:12:00
  • Social media friendly00:12:00
  • Online shopping00:12:00
  • Exercise based on the topic00:12:00

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