RHCSA SA1 & SA2 - Online Training Sudha Raga


Learn RedHat Certification training SA1, SA2 through online one-to-one live class from Ms.Sudha who has 3 years experience in Training.

Red Hat Certified Engineer is one of the most demanding and respected Linux certifications.Red Hat Certified Engineer online training course is intended for those want to set career as system administrators and able to perform the role of system administrator for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) systems.

This online course helps for your RHCE certification tests the skills and knowledge required in different areas of system administration with examples over a wide range of deployment scenarios and environments.

This course includes:

RHCSA - Red Hat Certified System Administrator SA 1

RHCSA - Red Hat Certified System Administrator SA II

The Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) - we will learn the basic knowledge for system administration across all Red Hat products. Whereas Red Hat Certified Engineer validates the senior level skills of the candidate as system administrator.

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Training Outcome
  • Learn RHCSA / RHCE in 60 hours

  • 100% Course Fees Protected

  • Course Completion Certificate

  • RedHat Certification assistance

  • Basic Networking Knowledge
  • Basic Degree


  • 25 Lessons
  • 60:00:00 Hours
  • Introduction to Linux03:00:00
  • File System structure in Linux02:00:00
  • Man page executing commands01:00:00
  • Editing files with vi & vim02:00:00
  • users and groups in Linux05:00:00
  • File permission in Linux05:00:00
  • Systemd unit introduction02:00:00
  • Process management in Linux02:00:00
  • Managing logs in Linux02:00:00
  • Basic networking concepts04:00:00
  • Archiving and compressing02:00:00
  • Remote connection with SSH04:00:00
  • Package management03:00:00
  • Links in Linux01:00:00
  • Virtual Machine installation01:00:00
  • Acl file Permission01:00:00
  • Selinux security02:00:00
  • Process priority01:00:00
  • Partition creation04:00:00
  • Logical volume management03:00:00
  • Root password Breaking01:00:00
  • at & cron job02:00:00
  • Basic firewalld02:00:00
  • Nfs basic level02:00:00
  • LDAP -client part03:00:00

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