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A Salesforce administrator is someone who manages and operates a Salesforce development company. ... A developer would typically build functionality in a sandbox, including Apex / Visualforce, before handing it to the administrator for scheduling deployment.

Admins keep trained and educated users of Salesforce, solve complicated business problems and carry on with projects. An admin provides creative solutions - making users of Salesforce happier and business smarter! We enjoy helping their team be successful and top-notch.

Salesforce Administration has no coding, it contains functional tasks. You have to handle the functional concepts. If you have good sales and marketing experience then you are completely qualified to learn Salesforce admin 201

Training Outcome
  • Course Complete Certificate

  • Live One to One Classes

  • Degree in BBA, BCA, MCA or MBA
  • Basic Concepts and Functionalities in Salesforce Platforms


  • 51 Lessons
  • 34:30:00 Hours
  • CRM explanation in real time00:45:00
  • Why Salesforce? what is salesforce? how it is related to SAAS & cloud computing.00:45:00
  • Sales cloud, Service cloud & Community/Marketing cloud explanation.00:45:00
  • Administration, Development, Database & integration overview, What is an Org?00:45:00
  • Objects, Fields & its types, Tabs, Record types, Record types-Picklist value, Picklist Dependencies00:45:00
  • Page layouts+assignments, Formulas & its importance list views, Account & contact merges.00:45:00
  • Cross object formulas, Types of relationships in SFDC, Lookup field + Look up filter00:45:00
  • Rollup summary, Validations00:45:00
  • Why do we need configuration in SFDC & what are the different configurations available?00:45:00
  • Configuration Vs Code, Workflows & types, Approval process & why it is needed?00:45:00
  • Process Builders00:30:00
  • Flows - basics & types of flows00:30:00
  • Term 'User' in Salesforce, Difference b/w User & Contact00:30:00
  • Why security is needed in SFDC?00:45:00
  • SF security - Profiles, Roles, OWD, Permission sets, Territory management00:45:00
  • Public groups, Queues, Sharing rules, Manual Sharing00:45:00
  • Cases + Case assignment rules00:45:00
  • What is SLA? Entitlements & Milestones in SFDC.00:45:00
  • Macros - Basics00:45:00
  • Web-to-case and Web-to-lead + lead assignment rules00:45:00
  • Email to Case setup and Portal to case – Basics00:45:00
  • What is Data w/r to SFDC?00:30:00
  • Data management - Workbench, Data Import wizard, SF Inspector, Data loader, Data loader I/O.00:30:00
  • SOQL & SOSL - DB languages in SFDC.00:30:00
  • Reports - Types of repors, Dashboards, Using filter in dashboards, Other important report & DB points to note, Conditional highlighting00:45:00
  • What is lightning & how it is different from Classic?00:45:00
  • Development in SFDC - A Detailed overview.00:45:00
  • Development basics - Variables, loops, Objects, Oop's concepts, Classes & methods, APEX, logs00:45:00
  • Collections in APEX - List, Set, Map00:30:00
  • Map - A Detailed explanation on its functions00:30:00
  • Various places to write code in SFDC00:30:00
  • Apex Triggers, Order of execution & its importance00:45:00
  • Why batch class ? Batch class explanation00:45:00
  • Visual force & VF tags/attributes overview.00:45:00
  • Controllers in Salesforce + Extensions.00:45:00
  • What is test class & why it is needed?00:30:00
  • What is code coverage?00:30:00
  • Schedulable & Queable Apex Explanation00:30:00
  • Apex & Visual force - A Recap00:30:00
  • Sandbox00:30:00
  • What is deployment? Deployment explained.00:30:00
  • What is lightning?00:45:00
  • Lightning - Aura Components00:45:00
  • Lightning - LWC01:00:00
  • Soap Vs REST00:45:00
  • Basics of Integration00:45:00
  • Certification in Salesforce00:30:00
  • How to prepare for SFDC certifications?00:30:00
  • Trialhead & Webassesor - Explanation00:30:00
  • Exception handling in Salesforce Development01:00:00
  • Some common errors faced during development & best practices01:00:00

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