SIX SIGMA BLACK BELT Online Training by Rajesh


The Certified Six Sigma Black Belt is a practitioner who is able to demonstrate the philosophies and values of Six Sigma including supporting structures and instruments. ... Black belts provide a clear understanding of all facets of the process describing, calculating, analysing, enhancing and monitoring (DMAIC) in keeping with the concepts of Six Sigma.

Six Sigma follows a structured methodology and has defined attendee roles. Six Sigma is a technique guided by data which includes reliable data collection for the analyzed processes. Six Sigma is in Financial Statements bringing results.

Training Outcome
  • Course Complete Certificate

  • One to One Training

  • 03 Years Experienced in Six Sigma Body of Knowledge


  • 41 Lessons
  • 41:00:00 Hours
  • Basics and History of Six sigma01:00:00
  • DMAIC overview and Lean principles01:00:00
  • Calculations of six sigma levels and DPMO01:00:00
  • Difference between Lean & six sigma01:00:00
  • Sigma calculations and calculations01:00:00
  • Define Phase overview & Voice of customer01:00:00
  • Determine CTQ , Develop project charter01:00:00
  • Process mapping , Affinity diagram & Flow chart applications01:00:00
  • COPQ calculations and define phase Quick quiz01:00:00
  • Industrial examples and define case preparation for one problem01:00:00
  • Measure phase Overview & Data Types01:00:00
  • Minitab introduction in brief01:00:00
  • Population and sampling01:00:00
  • Statistics , measure of central tendency01:00:00
  • Measurement system Analysis basics01:00:00
  • Measurement Gage R& R01:00:00
  • Measurement Attribute Agreement Analysis01:00:00
  • process capabilities with Minitab01:00:00
  • Analyse Phase overview and tools01:00:00
  • Cause and effect diagram , Why Why Analysis ,Histogram01:00:00
  • Hypothesis testing detailed analysis01:00:00
  • Minitab application of Hypothesis testing and examples01:00:00
  • Regression analysis and Multiple regression01:00:00
  • One way Anova and minitab application01:00:00
  • Chisquare , Logistic Regression ,Design of Experiments01:00:00
  • Improve Phase overview and tools01:00:00
  • Solution Generation01:00:00
  • Risk Mitigation & FMEA explanation for one case study01:00:00
  • MSA Reanalysis , Piloting techniques , cost benefit analysis01:00:00
  • Implementation steps and action plan01:00:00
  • Control Phase overview and tools01:00:00
  • Control chart tools , basics01:00:00
  • Control charts analysis for Continuous data charts with Minitab01:00:00
  • Control charts analysis for discrete data charts with Minitab01:00:00
  • Standardization and project closure01:00:00
  • Project final charter and samples of one or two projects01:00:00
  • Overview on Minitab01:00:00
  • Tools wise explanation01:00:00
  • Measure phase tools explanation01:00:00
  • Analyse phase tools explanation01:00:00
  • Improve and control Phase tools explanation01:00:00

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