SIX SIGMA GREEN BELT Online Training by Rajesh


Green Belts are company workers who have been educated on the technique for Six Sigma change and who lead a process management team as part of their full-time jobs. ... Works under the oversight of a Six Sigma Black Belt.

A greenbelt is a concept of policy and land use zones used in land use planning to preserve areas of largely undeveloped, natural or agricultural land surrounding or overlapping urban areas. Similar concepts are greenways or green wedges which have a linear character and can run through rather than through an urban area.

Training Outcome
  • Course Completion certificate

  • Strong Knowledge on Yellow Belt

  • Live One-to-One Class

  • Basic Business Process Understanding


  • 30 Lessons
  • 30:00:00 Hours
  • 1. Basics and History of Six sigma01:00:00
  • DMAIC overview and Lean principles, Calculations of six sigma levels01:00:00
  • Difference between Lean & six sigma01:00:00
  • Define Phase overview & Voice of customer01:00:00
  • Determine CTQ , Develop project charter01:00:00
  • Process mapping , Affinity diagram & Flow chart applications01:00:00
  • COPQ calculations and define phase Quick quiz01:00:00
  • Measure phase Overview & Data Types01:00:00
  • Minitab introduction in brief01:00:00
  • Population and sampling01:00:00
  • Statistics , measure of central tendency01:00:00
  • Measurement system Analysis basics01:00:00
  • process capabilities with Minitab01:00:00
  • Analyse Phase overview and tools01:00:00
  • Cause and effect diagram , Why Why Analysis ,Histogram01:00:00
  • Hypothesis testing detailed analysis01:00:00
  • Minitab application of Hypothesis testing and examples01:00:00
  • Regression analysis and Multiple regression01:00:00
  • One way Anova and minitab application01:00:00
  • Improve Phase overview and tools01:00:00
  • Solution Generation01:00:00
  • Risk Mitigation01:00:00
  • MSA Reanalysis , Piloting techniques , cost benefit analysis01:00:00
  • Implementation steps and action plan01:00:00
  • Control Phase overview and tools01:00:00
  • Control chart tools , basics01:00:00
  • Control charts analysis for Continuous data charts with Minitab01:00:00
  • Control charts analysis for discrete data charts with Minitab01:00:00
  • Standardization and project closure01:00:00
  • Project final charter and samples of one or two projects01:00:00

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