SIX SIGMA YELLOW BELT Online Training by Rajesh


A Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, while basic will teach you fundamentals of lean and six sigma, basic statistics and problem solving. It is a great starter course for those who want to learn more about lean six sigma, and by doing starter courses you will have a good foundation to pursue green/black belt level easily. 

Mr.Rajesh has 7+ years of experience in Business Excellence and certified Six Sigma expert.

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Training Outcome
  • Course Completion certificate

  • Strong Knowledge on Yellow Belt

  • Live One-to-One Class

  • Basic Business Process Understanding


  • 16 Lessons
  • 17:00:00 Hours
  • Introduction to Lean six sigma02:00:00
  • Define Phase overview & Voice of customer01:00:00
  • Affinity diagram , CTQ model , Project charter01:00:00
  • SIPOC , COPIS , Process mapping01:00:00
  • Data types , Population and sampling01:00:00
  • Statistics , measure of central tendency01:00:00
  • Measurement system Analysis basics , process capabilities01:00:00
  • Hypothesis testing , Regression analysis basics01:00:00
  • Analyse Phase overview and tools01:00:00
  • Cause and effect diagram , Why –why Analysis01:00:00
  • Hypothesis testing , Regression analysis basics01:00:00
  • Control Phase overview and tools01:00:00
  • Control charts Basics & Standardization part ,project closure01:00:00
  • Improve Phase overview and tools01:00:00
  • Piloting techniques , Cost benefit analysis01:00:00
  • Implementation steps and action plan01:00:00

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