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Soft abilities are characteristics of character and interpersonal abilities that define the relationships of a person with other individuals. Soft skills are considered in the workplace to be a complement to hard skills, which relate to the knowledge and occupational skills of an individual.

Boosting efficiency in the workplace. Soft skills increase efficiency and productivity around the board for workers. ...

Improve Customer Service. ...

Reduce Risks. ...

Increase Sales. ...

More Self-Confidence, Less Stress. ...

Build A Stronger Team. ...

Improve Employee Retention.

Training Outcome
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  • 3 Lessons
  • 05:00:00 Hours
  • (a) What is soft Skill (b) Hard skill Vs Soft skills (c) Benefits of Soft skill (d) Myths around soft skill (e) Types of softskill01:00:00
  • (a) What is communication (b) Mediums of Communication (c) Importance of communication (d) Purpose of Communication (e) 7Cs of communication (f) Factors Affecting Communication (g) Barriers of Communication02:00:00
  • (a) Who is a Leader (b) John Adair’s Matrix (c) Leadership Vs Management (d) Motivation (e) Leadership Style (f) Delegation02:00:00

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