SPOKEN ENGLISH by Sujatha Raghavan


A spoken language, as opposed to a written language, is a language created by articulated sounds. ... Most of the meaning in spoken language is defined by context. This compares with written language, in which the text contains much of the context directly.

English speaking helps you to really extend your life, from work opportunities to the opportunity to talk to people from every region. Knowing the language makes any trip significantly more interesting. ... To improve yourself, education is very important but learning English also improves quality of life.

Training Outcome
  • Course Complete Certificate

  • Any One Learn


  • 24 Lessons
  • 24:00:00 Hours
  • Test - Oral and Written Exam01:00:00
  • Topics will be given like Write about Traffic, Politics, Health, Nature etc.,01:00:00
  • How, Which, What, Why, Where, Who etc.,01:00:00
  • Phrase that express strong emotion like Wow! Oh!01:00:00
  • Work related words like Discuss, Call, meet, Plan, Budget, Accounts, Motivate, Join, Report, Motivate,etc.,01:00:00
  • Words related to travel like Book, Confirm, Board, Drive, Pack, Visit, Shoot, Stay, Pay, Enjoy, Tire, View, Relax etc.,01:00:00
  • Shopping words like Bill, Pack, Bargain, Reduce, Deliver etc.,01:00:00
  • Words related to study like enroll, Submit, Learn, Study, Revise, Attend, Write, Read, Copy, Draw, Solve etc.,01:00:00
  • Words related to body movement like Stand, Sit, Bend, Lie down, Jump, Crawl, Stretch, Kick, Pick etc.,01:00:00
  • Present verbs IS and ARE and past tense verbs like WAS and WERE01:00:00
  • Use of Are and were - plural verbs01:00:00
  • Use of Is and was - singular verbs01:00:00
  • Simple and Continuous future tense01:00:00
  • Simple past tense and continuous past tense01:00:00
  • Simple present and Continuous present tense01:00:00
  • Interaction with student to understand his or her requirement and assessment of student knowledge in English01:00:00
  • Coordinating conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions01:00:00
  • Connection between other words in sentence - position of word is pre placed in the sentence.01:00:00
  • Position of adjectives and degree of adjectives01:00:00
  • Adverbs modifying adjectives and adverbs modifying verbs01:00:00
  • Action verb and Linking verb01:00:00
  • Personal pronoun, Demonstrative pronoun, Relative pronoun, Interrogative pronoun.01:00:00
  • Types of noun - Common Noun, Proper Noun, Abstract Nouns and Collective Noun01:00:00

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