SPOKEN ENGLISH - Communicative by Sivaranjani Girirajan


Communicative English is a language teaching technique in which a student learns through real-life experience, which may help to improve the importance of their studies. ... Knowing how to speak fluently, one at a time, with another English speaker is important for various reasons.

Advanced English Communication Skills (AECS) aims to encourage students with advanced language skills to improve their ability to communicate and listen. The General English course is the most advanced.

Communicative English is all about Reading , Writing , Listening & Speaking-it means how skillfully you can communicate in English, how easily you can convey your thoughts. The English language-grammar, vocabulary as the basis accompanied by lengthy and engaging sessions of SPEAKING

Training Outcome
  • Course Complete Certificate

  • Any One Learn


  • 10 Lessons
  • 20:00:00 Hours
  • Reading skills- techniques, stress, intonation, accent, skimming and scanning with exercises03:00:00
  • Listening- conscious listening, taking notes, parsing and outlining03:00:00
  • Interviews02:00:00
  • Public speaking02:00:00
  • Group discussion01:00:00
  • Letters02:00:00
  • Resume02:00:00
  • Email02:00:00
  • Paragraph02:00:00
  • Long papers01:00:00

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