Tableau Online Training by Rajesh Tukdeo


Tableau is a powerful and fastest growing tool used in the business intelligence industry for data visualization. It helps simplify the raw data into the easily comprehensible format. With Tableau, data analysis is very simple, and the visualizations generated are in the form of dashboards and worksheets.

Tableau is basically a tool for data visualization that gives pictorial and graphical representations of data. Excel is essentially a spreadsheet with the rows and columns working with info. First you have to represent the data in a tabular format and then you can add visualizations on top of that.

Training Outcome
  • Course Complete Certificate

  • Bachelor's Degree in Business or Computer Science.


  • 25 Lessons
  • 25:00:00 Hours
  • What is visualization?01:00:00
  • Introduction to Tableau01:00:00
  • Data Connection01:00:00
  • Tableau Environment01:00:00
  • Text Tables / Highlight Tables / Pie Charts01:00:00
  • Bar Chart / Stacked Bar Chart / Side by Side Bar Chart01:00:00
  • Circle Chart / Side by Side Circle Chart / Bubble Chart01:00:00
  • Heat Map / Tree Map01:00:00
  • Time Series using Line Chart and Area charts01:00:00
  • Symbol Map / Filled Map01:00:00
  • Bullet Graph / Scatter Plot01:00:00
  • Histogram & Bins01:00:00
  • Box and Whisker chart for outlier detection01:00:00
  • Dual Line Chart / Dual Combo Chart / Motion Chart01:00:00
  • Filters & Highlighters01:00:00
  • Groups, Sets, Hierarchy01:00:00
  • Parameters& Calculated fields01:00:00
  • Parameters& Calculated fields01:00:00
  • Table calculations I01:00:00
  • Table calculations II01:00:00
  • Word Cloud / Sparklines / Lollipop chart01:00:00
  • Analytics using Tableau I01:00:00
  • Analytics using Tableau II01:00:00
  • Dashboard design01:00:00
  • Storyboard design01:00:00

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