TOSCA Online Training by Asheesh Tripathi


Tricentis Tosca is a software development tool for software applications that is used to simplify end-to - end development. ... Tricentis Tosca combines various software testing aspects (test case design, test automation, test and generation data design, and analytics) to test GUIs and APIs from a market perspective

TOSCA is an automation tool used to test various software products for functional and regression testing. GUI, CLI (command line interface), integrated test management, and API are also included. The tool was developed by Austrian company, TRICENTIS Technology & Consulting GmbH. The tool is developed in VB6, C #, and Java

Training Outcome
  • Course Complete Certificate

  • Basic Computer Knowledge


  • 24 Lessons
  • 24:00:00 Hours
  • Basics of Tosca01:00:00
  • Features of Tosca01:00:00
  • How to download and start work on Tosca tool01:00:00
  • Steering HTML controls01:00:00
  • Creating and structuring Test Cases01:00:00
  • Use of Dynamic Values01:00:00
  • Use of different Action Modes01:00:00
  • Libraries and Reuseable TestStep Blocks01:00:00
  • Action Modes Wait On01:00:00
  • Loops and Conditions01:00:00
  • Recovery Scenarios & Hands-on Exercises01:00:00
  • Action Mode Constraint01:00:00
  • Fire Events01:00:00
  • Deep Dive into Tosca Automation01:00:00
  • Hands-on Exercises01:00:00
  • Test Sheets as a centralized data source01:00:00
  • Template Concept01:00:00
  • Template Conditions01:00:00
  • Run and Report Automated Data01:00:00
  • Driven Test Cases & Hands-on exercises01:00:00
  • Web services and API concept01:00:00
  • Build API Test Cases 01:00:00
  • API Testing Templates & Hands-on Exercises01:00:00
  • Build your own Data Driven Test01:00:00

About instructor

Name : Asheesh Kumar
Reviews : 6 Reviews
Student : 12 Students
Courses : 3 Courses


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Harshad - Sun, 21-Jun-2020

if you need to learn Tricentis Tosca online training, i would recommend to take this course through Asheesh's 24 hours training program. He is very good and also technically strong. He also expert in Automation tools like Selenium. Must recommended. Thank you team!!!

Gitanjali - Wed, 01-Jul-2020

Good Training by Sir, completed very soon. Received my TOSCA course completion certificate on time. I recommend course monkey for TOSCA online training. thanks!