TRAINER NOT AVAILABLE (Android Application Development Online Training by Argha Banerjee)


An Android app is a software application that runs on platform Android. A standard Android app is designed for a smartphone or tablet PC operating on the Android OS since the Android platform is optimized for mobile devices.

What Is Android all about? Since Android is an operating system, it's intended to connect the user and computer. For example , if a user wants to send a text, Android will offer a button for the user to press. When the user presses the button, Android will direct the text to the phone.

Application creation is the process of designing a computer program or a series of programs to accomplish the various tasks needed by a company. ... Each app-building process follows the same steps: requirements selection, prototyping design, testing , implementation and integration.

Training Outcome
  • Course Complete Certificate

  • Graduate in B. Tech Computer Science Engineering/IT,
  • Graduate in B.Sc. /Computer Application/IT or BCA.


  • 53 Lessons
  • 49:20:00 Hours
  • (a) Overview of Android and Android SDK (b) History of Android (c) Android Features00:30:00
  • (a) Composite View- ListView (b) Grid View01:00:00
  • (a) Introduction to OS Layers (b) Linux Kernel (c) Libraries (d) Android Runtime (e) Application Framework00:30:00
  • System Requirements00:15:00
  • Android Studio and SDK installation, AVD creation00:30:00
  • Creating first Android Application00:30:00
  • Project Structure00:15:00
  • Development tools, Gradle, Manifest File00:30:00
  • Activity Life Cycle01:00:00
  • Intents01:00:00
  • Fragment01:00:00
  • Pending Intent & Notification00:30:00
  • Broadcast Receiver01:00:00
  • Services01:00:00
  • Content Provider00:30:00
  • View Hierarchy and Layouts, View Group00:30:00
  • Layouts- Linear Layout01:00:00
  • Relative Layout01:00:00
  • Frame Layout01:00:00
  • ScrollView01:00:00
  • (a) Widgets- TextView (b) EditText (c) Button01:00:00
  • (a) Image View (b) Image Button (c) View (d) Seekbar01:00:00
  • (a) Image View (b) Image Button (c) View (d) Seekbar01:00:00
  • (a)Progress Dialog (b) Spinner (c) CheckBox (d)Radio Button01:00:00
  • (a) Web View (b) Floating Action Button01:00:00
  • (a) RecyclerView (b) Array Adapter01:00:00
  • Base Adapter01:00:00
  • View Holder Pattern01:00:00
  • Building Menus01:25:00
  • Creating different Dialogs01:25:00
  • Shared Preferences01:00:00
  • SQLite Databases- CRUD Operation00:30:00
  • Creating databases and using SQLite00:30:00
  • Basics or Cursors, Sqlite Open Helper01:00:00
  • Selecting a Best Location Provider-GPS00:30:00
  • Finding Your Location-latitude & longitude00:30:00
  • Creating Map -Based Activities Using the Google Map API01:00:00
  • Image Gallery & Camera01:00:00
  • Parsing JSON01:00:00
  • XML01:00:00
  • Thread, Handler01:00:00
  • Loader & AsyncTask01:00:00
  • Consuming Web Services01:30:00
  • Receiving HTTP Response(XML,JSON)01:30:00
  • Retrofit01:00:00
  • Navigation Drawer01:00:00
  • View Pager01:00:00
  • Tab Layout Implementation01:00:00
  • Social Media Login and Payment Gateway Integration 01:30:00
  • Google Cloud Message and Fire Base Integration 01:30:00
  • Android Jet Pack Component 01:00:00
  • Dragger & Dependency Injection01:00:00
  • Interview Guide02:00:00

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