WEB API Online Training by Yogesh (English / Tamil)


The Web API is an extensible mechanism for the development of HTTP-based services that can be accessed on various platforms such as the browser, windows, smartphone etc. in different applications. It functions more or less the same way as the MVC web application, except that it sends data instead of html view as a answer.

It's a platform which helps you build and grow RESTFUL services based on HTTP. The Web API can be built using various technologies including java, ASP.NET, etc. Neither web server or web browser uses Web API. Web API is essentially a conception of web creation

Training Outcome
  • Course Complete Certificate

  • Basic Computer Knowledge


  • 21 Lessons
  • 20:00:00 Hours
  • Creating a Basic Web API Project in Visual Studio01:00:00
  • (a Creating Web API Controller (b) Serialization01:00:00
  • (a) Traditional Routing (b) Attribute Routing01:00:00
  • (a) Constraining Route Parameters (b) Optional Route Parameters and Default Values (c) Model Validation01:00:00
  • (a) Implementing GET (b) Implementing POST00:30:00
  • (a) Implementing PUT (b) Implementing DELETE00:30:00
  • (a) Introduction to Delegating Handlers (b) Example of a handler01:00:00
  • Overview of Action Method Return Types00:10:00
  • Return Types Part 1: The Traditional Model00:25:00
  • Return Types Part 2: The IHttpActionResult Model00:25:00
  • (a) Action Filter (b) Overview of Action Filters01:00:00
  • (a) Simple Example of an Action Filter (b) Example of Model Validation in an Action Filter01:00:00
  • (a) Introduction to Authentication Filters (b) Creating a Basic Authentication Filter01:00:00
  • Creating a Basic Authentication Filter from the Template01:00:00
  • (a) Overview of Authorization Filters (b) The Authorize and Allow Anonymous Attributes01:00:00
  • Creating a Authorization Filter01:00:00
  • The Global.Asax.CS Application_Error() Handler of Last Resort01:00:00
  • (a) Exception Filters (b) Global Exception Handlers (c) Global Exception Loggers01:00:00
  • (a) Implementing Sorting (b) Implementing Paging (c) Implementing Data filter02:00:00
  • (a) CORS in API (b) Using Fiddler01:30:00
  • (a) Using Post Man (b) Using Swagger via Swash buckle01:30:00

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