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Web technology refers to the means by which computers use markup languages and multimedia packages to communicate among themselves. It gives us a way to connect, like websites, with the hosting information. The use of hypertext markup language ( HTML) and cascading style sheets ( CSS) requires web technologies.

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Web technologies, according to Microsoft, include the following: markup languages, such as HTML , CSS, XML, CGI, and HTTP (Front-end or Client-side technologies) programming languages and technologies that help to build web applications. Others are Perl, C #, Java and Visual Basic.

Training Outcome
  • Course Complete Certificate

  • Basic Computer Knowledge


  • 27 Lessons
  • 23:00:00 Hours
  • Web Design & Principles01:00:00
  • Internet01:00:00
  • (a) Web browser (b) Web server (c) WWW, URL, Domains01:00:00
  • (a) Basic structure of HTML (b) HTML document01:00:00
  • (a) Mark up Tags (b) Heading Paragraph01:00:00
  • (a) Line breaks (b) HTML Tag (c) Web page creation01:00:00
  • Introduction to HTML Elements01:00:00
  • (a) Working with list, Tables & Frames (b) Hyperlink (c) Images01:00:00
  • Working with form using HTML01:00:00
  • (a) Introduction to Cascading Style Sheet (b) Need for Cascading Style Sheet01:00:00
  • (a) Basic Syntax and Structure using CSS (b) Background Image01:00:00
  • Color & Properties Font, Border and Boxes01:00:00
  • (a) Client side scripting (b) JavaScript Simple implementation using JS01:00:00
  • (a) Variable (b) Function (c) Operators01:00:00
  • (a) Conditional statements (b) Loops01:00:00
  • (a) JS Events (b) JS Arrays (c) Working with Arrays01:00:00
  • (a) JS objects (b) JS Functions01:00:00
  • Using JavaScript Form Validation and Examples01:00:00
  • (a) Introduction to XML (b) Uses of XML Simple01:00:00
  • (a) Document Type Definition presenting XML (b) XML Schemas00:30:00
  • Using XML Processors : DOM and SAX00:30:00
  • Introduction to HTML500:30:00
  • (a) Rules of HTML5 (b) New Features00:30:00
  • Browser support00:30:00
  • HTML5 Elements00:30:00
  • Basic structure of HTML 5 Document00:30:00
  • Program using HTML 500:30:00

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